Pronutra Solutions develops a new ingredient thanks to the help “Cheque Innovación”

Pronutra Solutions has developed an innovative ingredient for animal nutrition thanks to the help received in the framework of the call: AID COFINANCED BY THE EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND TO INCENTIVATE THE USE OF INNOVATION SERVICES IN SMALL BUSINESSES (“CHECK INNOVATION” PROGRAM) , WITHIN THE OPERATIONAL PROGRAM OF THE MADRID COMMUNITY FOR THE PERIOD 2014-2020. The objective of this project has been the development at pilot level of a new innovative ingredient for animal nutrition. The applicant company has defined a method of obtaining a laboratory scale ingredient. This ingredient is collected within a new concept, within a range of vegetal extracts denominated “Full Plant Profile”, in which the innovation is determined by being vegetal extracts that concentrate all the phytochemical profile present in the plants, improving in this the beneficial action of the ingredients obtained under this concept.   After the work developed, the industrial process previously defined on a laboratory scale has been successfully achieved, allowing the production of an ingredient with a great potential for application in the animal nutrition industry.      

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