We specialise in producing sustainable plant extracts with proven health benefits. Our expert team conducts thorough research and development to deliver high-performance, top-quality solutions across diverse industries. 

Our mission is to transfer scientific knowledge to industrially viable projects that create value and improve people’s lives.

More than 20 years of experience and top quality technical equipment enable us to offer all of Nature’s benefits by developing high quality products.

Our sustainable business model is based on strategic alliances with the most important local producers – farmers, co-ops, large food companies, and many others– so that we can offer natural, plant-derived ingredients from different regions, specialising in Mediterranean plants, especially in olive- and grapevine-derived extracts.

These strategic alliances make vertical integration possible. Because our allies follow Natac’s criteria regarding the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of raw materials, they purposely enhance the beneficial properties in the ingredients Natac develops.

The integration of different processes, technologies, and equipment into a unique synergy, resulting in a complete portfolio of products with opportunities which enable us to:

Specialise in Mediterranean raw materials

Control the cycle from the farmer all the way to your product

Develop ingredients based on a sustainable model

Have large quantities and varieties of raw material available

Be in a position to offer natural extracts that stand out in a highly competitive market

Continue to bring about innovation and scientific advancements

Offer products having different applications in international markets

Environmental Policy



When Natac was formed as a company, we made a commitment to our clients, our stakeholders, and the earth; that we would always accomplish our goals in a sustainable way.

Our multifaceted approach to sustainability includes everything from our partnerships with farmers, the working conditions for our employees, our circular bioeconomy projects, and everything in-between.

As a company based on science, our commitment to sustainability would not be fulfilled without a process for gathering and analyzing data about the impact of our work.

That’s why we developed an annual Sustainability Report. In adherence with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) standards, we describe each of the areas of focus of our sustainability strategy, presenting the accomplishments made, as well as the goals established for the following year.





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Where Are We?

Headquartered in Spain, yet internationally present with the opening of new markets around the world, while maintaining the strategic location of our manufacturing, R&D and Innovation Unit, and Quality Department that secures European standards.

Countries we currently export to


With the aim of continuing to advance science and support our educational mission, we have adopted the olive and the grape through the American Botanical Council's (ABC) Adopt-an-Herb program. In this way we contribute to compiling, organizing, and disseminating reliable, traditional, and science-based information about herbs, medicinal plants, and other botanical ingredients.

Adopt-an-Herb encourages companies and individuals to “adopt” one or
more specific herbs so they can be included and kept in the ABC’s HerbMedPro database.

Thanks to this collaboration, we make the latest publications about the benefits, properties, and
characteristics of these plants
available to consumers, industry professionals, educators, and the media.

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