At Natac, we constantly strive to develop products that help to improve people’s lives.

Thanks to our highly selected raw materials, technology, vast experience, and solid scientific knowledge, at Natac,
we are specialists in developing innovative ingredients.

We combine modern, exclusive extraction, purification, and refining processes, that enable us
to obtain extracts containing very high levels of active ingredients.


Helps to prevent heart disease

ENDOLIVE is a clinically proven ingredient made from olive extract that helps to lower the leading risks of cardiovascular disease resulting from an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and/or unhealthy alcohol consumption.

Our preclinical studies prove ENDOLIVE’s possible beneficial cardiovascular effects, based on the observances of high blood pressure, arterial function, and marked improvement in cardiac function in hypertensive rats.

Moreover, ENDOLIVE’s efficacy in treating cardiovascular disease was confirmed in a controlled trial in human volunteers.


Lowers blood sugar and increases HDL

Controls systolic blood pressure

Improves cardiac function

Reduces cardiovascular risk


We present ENDOLIVE in powder form for the formulation of food supplements
(hard gelcaps, soft gelcaps, tablets, etc.). ENDOLIVE can also be incorporated into
food matrices.


The compounds standardised in Endolive are equivalent to those evaluated by the EFSA
in the authorised claim for olive oil polyphenols: “Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress”.
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Helps to control metabolic syndrome

POMOLIVE is a natural combination of pentacyclic triterpenes from olives and a highly concentrated, polyphenolic apple-derived ingredient.

Its efficacy has been proven in preclinical and clinical studies, proving that it helps to control four risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome:

It reduces fat located in the waist

It lowers triglycerides

It lowers glucose

It protects against insulin resistance


We present POMOLIVE in powder form for the formulation of food supplements
(hard gelcaps, soft gelcaps, tablets, etc.). POMOLIVE can also be incorporated into
food matrices.

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