Natac presents its experience in the PCM (PARQUE CIENTÍFICO DE MADRID)

Natac presents its experience in the PCM (PARQUE CIENTÍFICO DE MADRID)

Last September, Dr. José Carlos Quintela, Ph.D, held a conference for the students of the prestigious Universidad Externado de Colombia about Natac and the role the PCM (Spanish acronym for, the Scientific Park of Madrid) plays in our development.

In today’s market, Natac stands out thanks to the innovation and customization of its products and R+D project development, always on the look out for new and improved formulas. Natac’s success is the sum of business + research + development, which is undoubtedly boosted by PCM’s and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid’s strategic biomedical research.

PCM’s privileged position makes it possible to create a vast network of contacts, with both biotech companies, as well as public research institutes, indispensable for a company like Natac that is growing full speed.

Dr. Quintela highlighted the importance of associating and partnering with other entities in Natac’s development, which has been fostered by the strategic alliances that the PCM has provided us with.

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