Construction of a New Factory in Hervás (Extremadura) Is Underway

Madrid, April 5, 2019 – At Natac Group we are taking a strategic step to achieve our growth objective by expanding our product portfolio and augmenting our production capacity, which will allow us to shore up and bolster our presence on the market.


The new location, enjoying an ideal natural environment boasting a rich agricultural tradition, as well as being a major tourist enclave, covers almost 21,000 m2. The first phase of the factory will feature a production area, offices, and warehouse covering more than 6,500 m2. It will be a multi-product factory combining several extraction technologies, where state-of-the-art equipment and machinery will be installed with an annual processing capacity estimated at 2,500 tons of raw material; that is, some 750,000 kg of final product, generating an estimated 20 direct jobs in the region during an initial stage. The total investment will come to  7.7 million euros.


Natac has designed a significant diversification and consolidation strategy on the market, of which the new Hervás factory will be an integral part,” explained NATAC CEO Antonio Delgado. “These new facilities will respond to our customers’ increased demands, with regards to both the quantity and variety of products.”


Our factory in Hervás will produce plant extracts, of both botanical species that are familiar in the region, such as olives and grapes, as well as species grown in remote geographical areas, such as rhodiola, originally from Siberia. The new location is an opportunity to expand our vertical-integration, sustainable business model in Extremadura based on strategic alliances with important local producers –farmers, cooperatives, large agrifood companies, among others– to offer natural, high-quality, traceable ingredients.


About Natac

At Natac we research, develop, produce and market natural ingredients for use in food supplements, functional foods and natural pharmaceutical ingredients, mainly plant extracts and functional lipids. Our sustainable business model involves forging and maintaining relationships with growers, large food companies, and other stakeholders, which allows the company to offer ingredients from different regions, and extract them using innovative technologies.

The integration of a variety of processes, technologies and systems generates unmatched synergy, allowing it to track the cycle, from the farmer all the way to the finished product.


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