Helps to control metabolic syndrome

Apple & Olive Fruit Extract

Clinically proven and patented

POMOLIVE is a natural combination of pentacyclic triterpenes from olives and a highly concentrated, polyphenolic apple-derived ingredient.

Its efficacy has been proven in preclinical and clinical studies, proving that it helps to control four risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome:

  • It reduces fat located in the waist

  • It lowers triglycerides

  • It lowers glucose

  • It protects against insulin resistance

POMOLIVE® decreases abdominal fat, triglycerides & serum glucose
POMOLIVE® efficacy was proven in lowering obesity-related parameters and increased muscle mass, as well as controlling serum glucose.


Preclinical Approach

Our preclinical studies show the synergistic eect of apple and olive combined is significantly greater on glucose and lipid profile than the ingredients by themselves.


We present POMOLIVE® in powder form for the formulation of food supplements
(hard gelcaps, soft gelcaps, tablets, etc.). POMOLIVE® can also be incorporated into
food matrices.


POMOLIVE® is standardized to apple-derived polyphenols and triterpenic compounds from olives.

Galenic form:

POMOLIVE® is presented in powder form to formulate food supplements (hard gelatin capsules, sogel capsules, tablets, etc.) POMOLIVE® can also be incorporated into food matrices.


500 mg (250mg twice daily).

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