For detox and elimination

A powerful combination

Clinically proven and patented

ELIMREAL® is a new patented exclusive natural and powerful elimination complex. A unique combination of natural plant extracts which:

  • stimulates natural body elimination functions.
  • Stimulates natural body detoxification.

ELIMREAL® is an exclusive blend of natural extracts combined in order to create the most efficient effect.

ELIMREAL® is a powerful complement in diets and helps those who want to get lean and clean
The elimination effect of ELIMREAL® is spectacular as the body eliminate faster an stronger through natural urinary function.
The detoxification is also very efficient with an immediate relief.


A proven efficiency

A clinical study has shown the efficiency of ELIMREAL®

Details of clinical trial:

  • Methodology: Double blind, randomized, against placebo.
  • Duration: 28 days
  • Number of subjects:
    • 95 women aged between 20 and 50 years.
    • Slightly overweight (BMI 25-28 kg/m2).
  • Trial methods:
    • Group 1(N=32): ELIMREAL® tablet + placebo beverage.
    • Group 2(N=32): ELIMREAL® beverage + placebo tablets.
    • Group 3(N=31): Placebo beverage + tablets.


  • URINATION FREQUENCY: 76,92% of women using ELIMREAL® noticed an increase in urination frequencyELIMREAL® induced an increase up to 5,92 additional urinations /day = + 84,62% of daily urination
  • URINATION VOLUME: 58,34% of the women using ELIMREAL® noticed an increase in urination volume
    ELIMREAL® induced an increase up to 1,02 liter of water loss = +44,35% of increase
  • Women felt a superior efficacy vs placebo for:
    • Urination number + volume
    • Diuretic sensation
    • Detox sensation
    • Anti-water retention effect
    • Decrease of heavy legs sensation
    • Flat abs sensation

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