The secret to higher quality meat

In the meat industry, quality is everything. And the quality of any meat is a direct result of the conditions the animal lived in, the diet it was fed, and the amount of stress it experienced.

When an animal is under stress, at the biochemical level, glycogen reserves in its muscles are depleted. The result is lower levels of lactic acid in the meat after slaughter. These physiological changes induced by stress significantly lower the quality of the meat.

As a natural solution to animal stress, Natac has formulated a FEED ingredient specifically for the meat industry: 

NATACALM combines extracts of the two most effective medicinal plants for stress relief:

Thanks to Natac’s cutting-edge extraction techniques, this formulation combines the best from both plants including: phenolic compounds, amino acids, sterols, triterpene compounds, and flavonoids. 

When ruminant animals are treated with NATACALM, the following effects are observed:
  • Reduced level of stress
  • Increased antioxidative activity
  • Improved meat quality after slaughter
  • Improved energy
  • Better behavior
  • Increased rate of growth in animals

Not only is NATACALM a premium quality ingredient, it’s also: competitive in cost, standardised for your convenience, and highly concentrated for use at a lower dosage with an effective result.  

Contact us to learn more about how NATACALM can give your meat production a competitive edge.


*Medicinal plants supported by European Medicines Agency (EMA)

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