HEALTH4BRAIN PROJECT: Precision nutrition for the maintenance and improvement of cognitive function

The consortium comprised of the companies Precision For Health SL (P4H) and Natac Biotech SL, along with the public research institute IMDEA Food, is leading the new project HEALTH4BRAIN, as part of the programme COLLABORATION CHALLENGES 2019, run by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation.

The aim of the project is to contribute to personalising diets through designing personalised, functional foods and a validated nutrigenetic test, which allows personalised recommendations to be offered according to the genetic profile of each individual, in order to maintain cognitive function and improve the health and quality of life of the population.

In doing so it aims to make the most of “omic” technologies and knowledge in applying precision nutrition to improve the efficacy of nutritional strategies and products for optimising cognitive capacity.

HEALTH4BRAIN is an innovative project, as it combines the development of a nutrigenetic test for cognitive capacity with some specific nutritional recommendations, which will be validated in the nutritional intervention study that will be developed by IMDEA Food. These personalised recommendations, which will be developed by P4H according to the genetic profile of each person, will also include a recommendation of specific products according to each person’s genetic profile regarding cognitive pattern-nutrition interaction. These products will be developed by Natac in line with the needs of each person, and their effect will be validated by IMDEA Food using nutrigenetic studies, both in vitro to determine their mechanism of action, and in humans to validate their efficacy.

The project will have a budget of €542,107.02, of which €194,419.50 corresponds to a subsidy and €286,365.88 corresponds to assistance in the form of loans for businesses. This project has been funded by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation (State Programme for Research, Development and Innovation Directed at Societal Challenges, as part of the State Plan for Technical and Scientific Research and Innovation 2017-2020, Challenges Collaboration, RTC2019-007294-1)


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