Pomolive on preclinical and clinical studies

Know all the benefits of our newflanged ingredient

During the last months our preclinical and clinical team have developed various studies to prove POMOLIVE´s effectiveness, our unique and exclusive combination of olive and apple with synergistic effect in the control of the Metabolic Syndrome.

The beneficial effects of the mediterranean diet have been proved in different studies. Based on these results, and applying our know-how, NATAC has developed this new ingredients that has excellent preclinical and clinical studies that support the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in cardiovascular health and in the reduction of Metabolic Syndrome:

After eight weeks of treatment in rats genetically obese taking in POMOLIVE, the results show a significant reduction in lumbar adipose tissue (equivalent to visceral adipose tissue in humans), as well as glucose and triglycerides levels.

This results prove POMOLIVE´s effectiviness in the control of glucose and lipids. In addition, in the clinical trials the efficiency was demonstrated in the reduction of the parameters related to obesity and the increase of the muscular mass, as well as in the control of the serum glucose.



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