OLIVE LEAF FPP for arterial hyperthension

High blood pressure has become one of the most common conditions in Western societies. The figures speak for themselves: 1.5 billion sufferers worldwide; in people over the age of 60 the percentage skyrockets to 65%. Moreover, the gradual ageing of the population and lifestyle in developed nations point toward an even greater increase in the coming years.

The olive, one of our most admired products internationally, is directly linked to good arterial health and undeniably known for its antioxidant properties. Numerous studies endorse its contribution to maintaining normal blood pressure.

Natac seeks to enhance our society’s wellbeing and health with natural extracts and ingredients. This has led us to create OLIVE LEAF FPP.

Using our Full Plant Profile technology, Natac concentrates the compounds from the plant that are responsible for its activity into a single extract, making it easy for consumers to get the effective daily amount. OLIVE LEAF FPP is form our Carol product line, dedicated to cardiovascular health.

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