OLIFEED Could Help Pig Farmers Cut Costs As Prices of Vitamin E Rise

In the world of animal feed, Vitamin E is crucial to the optimal growth and health of piglets.

A fat-soluble, functional antioxidant, Vitamin E helps maintain a variety of biological functions, like immune response, cellular function, detoxification, and vitamin absorption. Aside from its benefits for live pig performance and health, vitamin E is directly related to the overall meat quality of the pork. As oxidation increases, meat discoloration increases, but supplementation with vitamin E has been shown to increase its retention in the tissues, which subsequently offsets oxidation levels and keeps the meat color and quality more stable. All of these benefits improve the flavor, smell, and texture of the final meat product.

Unfortunately, pig farmers may need to seek out alternatives to vitamin E—soon. The global vitamin E market has experienced a variety of problems in 2021. From shortages in shipping containers to difficulties finding and retaining sufficient labor, and now a fire that has shut down one of the biggest vitamin manufacturers in Europe. Significantly higher prices for vitamin E are anticipated as its supply becomes more and more limited for the foreseeable future.


OLIFEED is an olive fruit extract standardized in hydroxytyrosol, one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature. Its composition makes OLIFEED uniquely synergistic with vitamin E; significantly enhancing the benefits of the vitamin, and reducing the required dosage—and cost—of vitamin E supplementation.

As any feed professional in the industry will tell you, skipping out on the benefits of vitamin E simply isn’t an option for the growth, performance, and final meat quality that most producers need. But the reality of the current global vitamin market has forced farmers to consider other options. OLIFEED is posed to be a cost-effective method to gain all the benefits of vitamin E while using significantly less of the vitamin itself.

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