Natac Wins “Best Entrepreneurial Initiative” from el Periódico Extremadura

El Periódico Extremadura held their 27th edition of their Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, in the Hotel Hospes, to an audience of three hundred people. Guests were in attendance to recognise and celebrate the entrepreneurial achievements of companies across the Extremadura region. The entrepreneurial traits of courage, perseverance, dedication and the ability to overcome were highlighted and celebrated.

Natac Biotech was recognised and awarded for best entrepreneurial initiative. Our CEO Antonio Delgado-Romero was present to accept the award.

The judging panel was chaired by the Director of El Periódico Extremadura Antonio Cid de Rivera Silva and by Commercial Director Antonio Mayorgas Hernández. The judges were made up from experts from the worlds of business, education and journalism: Alfonso Pitarch (CEO of Eléctricas Pitarch), Rafael Novoa from Extremadura AvanteÓscar Salgado (Territorial Director of ABANCA in Extremadura-South), Francisco Javier Peinado (General Secretary of Creex), Miguel Angel Mendiano (General Director at Cámara de Comercio de Badajoz), Mercedes Vaquera Mosquero (PhD in Economic and Business Sciences at Universidad de Extremadura and president of the Economic and Social Council of Extremadura), Juan Carlos Iglesia (Vice-rector at University Extension of the UEx), Gabriel Álvarez (President of ), Francisco Piñero Lemus (Manager of Euro Electrodomestic Extremadura), Carolina Ruiz Bodegas Ruiz Torres (Export Manager at Bodegas Ruiz Torres S.A.), and and the editors of El Periódico Extremadura, Lola Luceño, Celia Gálvez and Juan José Ventura Fernández.

Guillermo Fernandez Vara, head of the council of Extremadura, addressed the event stating that he valued the industrial impulse within Extremadura, assuring the audience that the best is yet to come. He also welcomed the future – saying that it would be based on sustainable energies and that the region would be the first to enter the green revolution.


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