Natac takes hold in Supply Side West 2015

Pomolive arouses great interest among assistants.

The annual must-visit event in Las Vegas concludes and we want to thank everyone who has visited our booth in Supply Side West, both those who already knew us – looking for information about us and our new products – and those who have discovered us for the first time.

As has become customary, the founders and an outstanding delegation of our commercial team went to SSW to make our products known, especially Pomolive, our innovative bet against metabolic syndrome. If you haven’t heard about it, you can get for free our new White Paper Apple & Olive band against the metabolic syndrome.

Our grape extracts, which count with botanical origin and identity guarantee, also attracted a great deal of assistant attention due to the increasing concern about the possibility of adulteration on grape seed derived from the article Chemical investigation of commercial grape seed derived products to assess quality and detect adulteration.

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