Natac successfully acquires INOREAL to expand their saffron natural product portfolio


Natac is dedicated to investigating, developing, and sustainably manufacturing plant extracts and compounds of natural origin. We successfully acquired INOREAL significantly expanding Natac’s presence in the saffron extracts market. Our objective is to grant the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food, animal nutrition, and cosmetic industries access to premium, value-added bioactive ingredients, and ultimately, to improve the health and well-being of consumers through the products of our clients.

The acquisition of INOREAL increases the saffron portfolio enabling Natac to serve their customers with branded ingredients supported by clinical data proven to help with bodyweight management and emotional wellbeing. 

Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) is widely used as a luxury plant for cooking, but it has also been shown to provide significant health benefits with recent studies showing the plant may offer anti-obesity, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as aiding visual and sexual functions. Saffron, also known as “Red Gold”, has short blossoms allowing only two to six days to harvest the plant each year. It takes around 440,000 handpicked saffron stigmas to yield 1 kilogram of dried saffron and 150,000 flowers are needed to produce one kilogram.

Quotes from INOREAL and Natac representatives

“Natac is proud to welcome INOREAL into the Natac family, we are excited to add their saffron capabilities to our natural product portfolio.” – Antonio Delgado, CEO of Natac.

“I entrust Natac, with their significant natural product expertise, to progress what INOREAL has done in the saffron market and its branded products, and take them to the next level.” – Cédric Bourges, Founder & Former CEO of INOREAL.


ABOUT Natac 
Natac researches, develops, manufactures and markets natural ingredients for use in food supplements, pharmaceuticals, functional foods, animal feed and cosmetics, mainly plant extracts and functional lipids. The company’s sustainable business model involves establishing and maintaining relationships with farmers, large food companies and other stakeholders, and this enables the company to offer ingredients from different regions and are extracted with innovative technologies. The integration of a variety of processes, technologies and equipment in unparalleled synergy allows us to control the cycle from farmer to finished product.
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Noela González – Marketing Director / +34 918 27 64 70 

Industries: Biotechnology Research
Company size: 51-200 employees
Headquarters: Alcorcón, Madrid
Type: Privately Held
Founded: 2010
Specialties: Mediterranean herbal extracts, Grapevine & Olive tree derived ingredients, Natural Ingredients manufacturer, Rhodiola extracts, and Saffron extracts.

Founder & Former CEO Cédric Bourges
Based in Thonon-les-Bains region of France, INOREAL, is well placed in the saffron ingredients market. INOREAL develops scientifically proven functional ingredients for use in nutritional supplements and food products.
    Saffron based food supplement supported by two clinical studies showing its ability to help people manage appetite and reduce compulsive snacking.
    A botanical blend of cumin, meadowsweet, natural caffeine, guarana, goldenrod, fennel and dandelion for the elimination of water retention.
    Saffron based food supplement providing up to 2% Safranal makes use of published studies showing its ability to improve mood.
Industries: Nutraceutical Ingredients
Company size: 2
Headquarters: Thonon-les-Bains, France
Type: Privately Held
Founded: 2008
Specialties: Saffron ingredient in branded nutritional products.


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