NATAC successes in H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1

NATAC part of the H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 (H2020-SMEINST-1-2016-2017) with the project AQUOLIVE: Improving Aquaculture production with bioactives from olive oil processing by-products.

  The AQUOLIVE project is aimed at offering the aquaculture sector a cost-effective and high-performance feed additive based on our patented formulation of bioactive phytochemicals obtained from olive oil biomass (production method also patented). This solution will help Fish farmers to increase their productivity and profitability, while reducing the use of hazardous antimicrobial chemicals in intensive aquaculture practices. We see in the AQUOLIVE project a clear investment opportunity, in which we seek entering the fast-growing aquaculture feeding market (estimated to reach €123 Billion by 2019) and achieve a 5-years cumulative cash flow of €18.23 Million meaning a 5-years ROI of 608%.    

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