Natac shares its experience with young entrepreneurs

Natac shares its experiencia with Miguel Ángel García Zúñiga, a Mexican young entrepeneur

Miguel Ángel García Zúñiga, Pharmaceutical Engineer and founder of Maidyk Labs Pharma, spent some weeks at Natac thanks to a young entrepreneurs support programme called RedEmprendia Booster.

Maidyk Labs Pharma is a young company incubated at CIEBT-IPN, a Mexican science park similar to Parque Científico de Madrid. During his stay, Miguel Ángel had the chance to see the operation of all the departments within Natac in order to acquire a general overview of how a European biotech SME works, how it overcomes difficulties and solves problems in order to grow.

For the Natac team it was a pleasure to have him among us and to be able to share our experience with this talented Mexican entrepreneur. We wish you the best of luck in your career, Miguel Ángel.

Read Miguel Ángel’s interview at RedEmprendia

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