Natac is the new partner of Acuiplus

Natac becomes an Acuiplus partner.

Acuiplus is cluster that aims to create a meeting point between aquaculture companies to promote innovation, cooperation, complementarity and communication among its members, in order to contribute to improving competitiveness and international projection and visibility.

NATAC’s incorporation to ACUIPLUS will allow faster advances in aquaculture research projects.

Natac has been strongly committed with aquaculture for some years and as a result of that commitment our first product was launched in 2013: MAC-60, an olive tree derived ingredient highly concentrated in the unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil. Its effectiveness has been proved and MAC-60 is currently being sold both in Europe and Chile.

Natac’s Feed Division is currently working on the products CIVIDOX and NATACTIVE, still at research stage, and whose release is planned for 2015

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