Natac is now organic certified! 


Madrid, Thursday, 17th February 2022—Natac has officially announced that the Hervás manufacturing facility received its organic certification. The certification is intended to meet the needs of partners and industry professionals, as well as the evolving demands of their consumers. 

A majority of consumers believe organic foods are better for one’s health as well as the environment because organic manufacturing eliminates the use of any chemical additive, synthetic substance, pesticide, herbicide, or conventional fertiliser. 

The organic certification is part of a product expansion that will bolster the variety and quantity of Natac’s portfolio, increasing its scope in the market. Equipped with a purely natural system of botanical production, Natac plans to solidify its place as a leader in the botanical ingredients industry of the future

“We are proud of this achievement because it reflects the natural, sustainable business model that Natac was built upon; as well as our commitment to meeting the needs of clients and consumers.” explained D. Antonio Delgado, CEO of Natac.

About Natac 
Natac researches, develops, manufactures and markets natural ingredients for use in food supplements, pharmaceuticals, functional foods, animal feed and cosmetics, mainly plant extracts and functional lipids. The company’s sustainable business model involves establishing and maintaining relationships with farmers, large food companies and other stakeholders, and this enables the company to offer ingredients from different regions and are extracted with innovative technologies. The integration of a variety of processes, technologies and equipment in unparalleled synergy allows you to control the cycle from farmer to finished product.  
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