Natac & IRTA present the results of the study on MAC-60 and gilthead sea bream

On Friday 12 June IRTA researcher Enric Gisbert will present the results of the study at the Annual Aquaculture Session from the Catalan Biology Society. Mr Gisbert will talk about The benefits of the Mediterranean diet in fish: the effects of concentrated olive oil in growth performance and gut condition in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata)

The results of the study are undoubtedly positive: fish fed with 1,63 and 3,15 g MAC-60/Kg showed an improvement of 5% in growth performance as well as beneficial effects on the health and condition of the intestinal mucosa, a key organ in digestion and one of the main entry points of pathogens.

MAC-60 is an olive oil concentrate rich in polyphenols and triterpenic compounds developed by Natac whose beneficial effects have already been proven in salmon.

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