Natac, a model of sustainability in the botanical industry featured on SupplySide Stories podcast


Learn about the importance of sustainable and environmentally-friendly consumption and production of botanical ingredients, the immorality of waste, and how commitments to farmers supports a regenerative system.


Sustainability has always been a cornerstone of Natac, it goes to the core of the company’s existence. As a company that relies upon nature, there is a deep understanding that nature cannot be destroyed to achieve a business purpose. From the beginning there was a recognition that many agricultural and industrial processes do not fully utilize the resources nature provides, whether for lack of knowledge, or means.

We can play a fundamental role and build sustainable processes. Analyzing both agricultural (cultivation) and productive (use of plants), an understanding of the process points within cultivation required necessary resource investment to obtain the full potential from plants, while improving impacts on the environmental and  yield of benefits from each plant, and eliminating waste production.

Listen in today and learn more about:

  • The importance of sustainable and environmentally-friendly consumption and production of botanical ingredients.
  • The full use of botanical resources, converting them into value-added ingredients 
  • What is our HABOID method?
  • How the future of farmers is guaranteed. Partnerships increase farmers’ stake in the value chain and helping them make their process more sustainable helps them with their livelihood.
  • Improving nutrition and health in a sustainable way with full-spectrum extracts derived from whole plants.
  • Our new state-of-the-art facility production unit in Extremadura, Spain.


About our speaker:

Noela Gonzalez 117x132.jpg

Noela González, US Director, Natac

Noela has worked at Natac for since the company’s inception in 2010.  She is a graduate of San Francisco State University and Harvard Business School. Her work is driven by a passion for health and sustainability.
“We understand sustainability as the capacity of the ‘biosphere’ and human civilization to co-exist…The goal is to preserve and regenerate the earth while optimizing the health and well-being of its inhabitants.” – Noela González, US Director, Natac


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