Natac develops new strategies to guarantee the traceability of our extracts

Supply chain control and global quality as the pillars of our company

During Las Vegas fair, we noticed how our proven botanical authenticity guarantee is gaining interest. Additionally, our Research Manager Esther de la Fuente PhD, assisted to Panel discussion “Botanical adulteration”, a conference where different experts expressed the necessity of a substantial quality control during manufacture and supply chain processes, in order to guarantee the authenticity of botanical products.

At Natac, we have developed a strategy to guarantee the safety of our extracts, by using a model of supply chain controlled by our company in those raw materials acquired from our partners, and by implementing our own method to analyze botanical identity risks: HABOID (Hazard Analysis Botanical Identity), which allows us to determine the risk levels of every plant depending on its origin. Click here if you want to know more about HABOID and our product portfolio.

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