Natac and the BIOADA project

Development of new ingredients and natural additives for animal nutrition

Natac creates a research consortium for the development between 2014 and 2016 of the BIOADA project named Multiproduct biorefineries applied to the development of value- added natural ingredients and additives for animal nutrition.

Natac leads the BIOADA project with the participation of Instituto Tecnológico de Castilla y León (ITACyL), Instituto de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentarias (IRTA) and the company Lodyn S.L.

With this project, Natac aims to reinforce its position as benchmark company in olive and grapevine derived ingredients for animal nutrition. Among BIOADA’s objectives is the development of new ingredients and performance of efficacy studies in experimental farms of aquiculture, pigs, poultry and ruminants.

The project has a budget of approximately 500.000 € and is partially financed by the Retos-Colaboración 2014 programme (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competition)

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