Natac, among Europe’s 65 most innovative SMEs in the latest round of SME Instrument phase 2

The AQUOLIVE project has been selected by the European Commission to receive funding in the latest round of the H2020 SME Instrument programme call. 

The main objective of the AQUOLIVE project, with its budget of €2.5M, is to improve aquaculture sustainability and salmon production performance in Europe.
As recognition of the R&D work carried out and our innovative capacity, we have recently been granted funding under the European SME Instrument phase 2 programme. This is a highly competitive programme – with 3 out of every 100 applicant companies successful – and funding is awarded to the most innovative companies in Europe. This European seal of excellence consolidates our image as a highly innovative company at international level.
The AQUOLIVE project lasts for two years and will start in January 2019. Its main objective is to bring to market an innovative additive from a natural source for the salmon aquaculture industry. The project has a budget of €2.5M and will enable us to validate the effectiveness of this additive in experimental tests in a real environment.
AQUOLIVE is a product obtained from olive trees that improves the health of salmon growing in aquaculture facilities. This improvement in fish health translates to increased production, improved animal welfare and raised salmon meat quality for human consumption. The base raw material for AQUOLIVE production comes from olive tree biomass, so boosting a key industry in southern Europe at the same time as improving salmon health and increasing sustainability throughout the value chain.

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