Musa Intimate – a Natural Relief for Urinary Tract Infection

Musa Intimate – a Natural Relief for Urinary Tract Infection

Almost 40% of all women will suffer at least one urinary tract infection during their lifetime, with the percentage rising to 60% among pregnant women. Though they are less common in men, probabilities increase with age and when there are prostate issues.

Natac has developed Musa Intimate, the first natural and innovative alternative to the cranberry to prevent bacterial infection in the genitourinary system. Based on the bearberry Full Plant Profile, its triterpenes are antiseptic, as well as diuretic and anti-inflammatory.

Musa Intimate achieves a two-fold action by concentrating the two main groups of phytochemicals of the bearberry:

  • Hydroquinone (arbutin) derivatives that act directly as an antiseptic to fight infection and indirectly to keep bacteria from adhering to the tissue.
  • Ursolic acid, known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its indirect antiseptic action.

The Full Plant Profile FPP is a revolutionary concept developed by Natac and based on simultaneously concentrating the plant’s various phytochemical compounds, respecting its profile and substantially enhancing the effectiveness of the resulting extract. The plant’s activity is due to the combination of the different phytochemicals present in it and the synergies that take place among them. Musa Intimate enables us to take the daily amounts of bearberry necessary more naturally and effectively, including the standardization of these compounds to suit the desired activity.

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