MENODUO – A natural solution for the well-being during menopause

MENODUO – A natural solution for the well-being during menopause

Natac has developed MENODUO, a new and revolutionary product for menopausal symptoms treatment. In our society, two thirds of women in climacteric stage are estimated to suffer menopausal symptoms. The concentrated herbal extracts are a good solution to alleviate these symptoms, such as hot flushes, stress or sleep problems.

MENODUO is a Full Plant Profile for the treatment of menopause symptoms. The FFP is a new and revolutionary concept of extract developed by Natac based on a simultaneous concentration of the different phytochemical compounds of the plant. Therefore, the Full Plant Profile extracts gather all the benefits of the plant in a single extract and improves the effectiveness.

In this case, the FFP concentrates the prenylated flavonoids, which cause a positive effect in the physical symptoms (flushes) thanks to their estrogenic activity; and the bitter acids that focus on some psychological effects, such stress relief or sleep induction.

MENODUO is the only specific product for menopause treatment which alleviates both physical and psychological effects with a sole botanical origin, perfect for those women who are looking for a life improvement in a natural and simple way.

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