INNECIR PROJECT: Research on new processes for obtaining innovative plant extracts based on circular bio economy.

Natac Biotech, S.L. in collaboration with the Centro Tecnológico Nacional Agroalimentario “Extremadura” (CTAEX), will coordinate the INNECIR project, financed through the call for Industrial Research and Experimental Development Projects to companies in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.

The main objective of the project is the investigation of new extraction and purification systems for bioactive compounds from medicinal plants of Extremadura origin, through the use of food surfactants. Acquiring new knowledge in these techniques will allow us to tackle the extraction and purification of bioactive compounds from this specific category of plants, facilitating:

  • Acquiring new knowledge for the potential development of innovative ingredients of medicinal plants of Extremadura origin.
  • The study of surfactants in extraction processes, for the potential substitution of the use of organic solvents in processes, and the improvement of bio accessibility and bioavailability of new compounds.

The results to be obtained incorporated into the company will enhance the scientific knowledge of this surfactant-assisted extraction technique, its properties, and its behaviors and potential, facilitating its future attachment in the development of new bioactive plant ingredients with unique characteristics and improved properties.

The project has a budget of € 192,425.28, of which € 115,316.53 corresponding to eligible investment for Industrial Research (70% co-financing by ERDF funds) and € 27,687.38 corresponding to eligible investment for Experimental Development (45% co-financing by ERDF funds).


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