Natac presents its new innovative product: Endolive

Natac Ingredients has been working satisfactorily in the development of a new innovative product. A clinically proven olive extract that helps to reduce the main cardiovascular risk factors due to an unhealthy diet, physicaly inactive, tobacco use and harmful use of alcohol. Our preclinical studies prove ENDOLIVE´s potential cardiovascular benefits based on the observed effects on hypertension, arterial function and remarkably improved cardiac function in hypertensive rats. In addition, ENDOLIVE´s efficacy in treating cardiovascular disease was verified in a randomized controlled trial in human volunteers. The efficacy of ENDOLIVE was proven in conferring cardiovascular protection by decreasing relevant cardiovascular risk factors. Meanwhile, pharmacokinetic´s bioavailability has been reported in terms of oleanolic acid and maslinic acid, where significant amounts of triterpenes were found in healthy subjects when ENDOLIVE was administered acutely at a dosage of 200mg.          
Studies performed by Natac indicate that ENDOLIVE:
  • Lowers serum glucose and increases HDL.
  • Controls systolic blood pressure.
  • Improves cardiac function.
  • Reduces cardiovascular risk.
Finally, we can say that ENDOLIVE fulfulls EFSA’s claim on olive polyphenols:
“Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress”
For more information contact us and learn how ENDOLIVE helps in the prevention of heart disease.

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