Dr. Quintela interviewed by El Mundo

Dr. José Carlos Quintela, Chief Scientific Officer of Natac, was interviewed for the Sunday edition of one of the main national daily newspapers, in its section Innovators.

Dr. Quintela focused on Natac’s Animal Nutrition division. specialized in ingredients specifically developed for aquaculture, poultry, ruminants and swine. In this case, José Carlos explains how MAC-060, an olive tree-derived functional oil improves salmon’s gut health and allows a 10% reduction in the cost of feed for the farms. This innovative healthy ingredient developed by Natac’s R&D Department contributes to a faster and healthier development of fish.

Dr. Quintela is Member to the Group of Experts on Phytochemistry of the European Pharmacopeia and the Royal Spanish Pharmacopeia and has more than forteen years’ experience in R&D of new healthy ingredients and medicaments produced from plants.

Read Dr.Quintela’s full interview here (Spanish version)

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