Beginnings of NATAC: MyExperTips

On July 4, 2017 Antonio Delgado, CEO of Natac Ingredients, will offer a talk and tips about the beginnings of NATAC and the difficulties it experienced, as well as what happened to overcome them and reach the expectations of such a demanding market. The Universidad Autonoma of Madrid and the Parque Científico of Madrid organize a debate between the founders of Nanoinnova Technologies SL and Natac Ingredients SL. An initiative that seeks to take advantage of the exterpise of companies associated with the Parque Científico of Madrid to provide technology companies with a series of recommendations on the great milestones a company is going through. To confirm attendance click on the following link: #MyExperTips – From Laboratory to Industry We’ll be waiting for you at the UAM starting at 9.30 am with an initial coffee-networking. Do not miss it!    

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