Helps to prevent heart disease

Natural cardiovascular protection

Clinically proven and patented

ENDOLIVE® is a clinically proven ingredient made from olive extract that helps to lower the leading risks of cardiovascular disease resulting from an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and/or unhealthy alcohol consumption.

Our preclinical studies prove ENDOLIVE® possible beneficial cardiovascular effects, based on the observances of high blood pressure, arterial function, and marked improvement in cardiac function in hypertensive rats.

Moreover, ENDOLIVE® efficacy in treating cardiovascular disease was confirmed in a controlled trial in human volunteers.

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ENDOLIVE® controls systolic blood pressure
ENDOLIVE® improves cardiac function
ENDOLIVE® lowers blood sugar and increases HDL
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Proven efficacy

ENDOLIVE® efficacy in treating cardiovascular disease was verified through randomised controled trials in human volunteers: It was administered to 30 subjects at a dosage of 200mg per day (100mg soft-gel capsules two times a day) for eight weeks. The most representative results are summarised below:

The effectiveness of ENDOLIVE® was proven in conferring cardiovascular protection by decreasing relevant cardiovascular risk factors.


Patented olive fruit extract containing:

  • 15% Oleanolic acid
  • 0,5% Tyrosol
  • 10% Maslinic acid
  • 5% Hydroxytyrosol


200 mg/day


We present ENDOLIVE® in powder form for the formulation of food supplements (hard gelcaps, soft gelcaps, tablets, etc.). ENDOLIVE® can also be incorporated into food matrices.

The compounds standardised in ENDOLIVE®
coordinate with those evaluated by the EFSA in the authorised claim for olive oil polyphenols.

“Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.”

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